Become An Author

How does it work

Uploading Items

Simply register for an account and you will be given your own dashboard to manage and upload your works for sale.

Item Pricing

You set the pricing. You are given the flexibility of pricing your works as low as $1 and up to $30.

Item Approval Proccess

We review each uploaded item to make sure it fits Community Publish’s vision and guidelines.

Payment Schedule

Membership payment will be requested every thirty days from the initial registration date.

All Access Pass

Become a member of our community publish network, and gain full access to all of our options, including free advertisement, optional editing, and free advising.

Dedicated Support Center

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and strive to support you with tools that will aid you in carrying out your visions successfully. We are here for you, and our support center is open to all questions and concerns 24/7.

The Product Is Yours

Anything written and published by you is for you, which means all of our customers are 100% free to take anything published by them on CPUB, and upload your works to any other form of digital media.

The Rules

All rules of community publish are requested to be followed:

All books must be appropriate for the age group and genre that it is listed under. It is up to the author to make sure that the selected age group is appropriate.